May Book Haul

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book sale buys:

night film by marisha pessl • two boys kissing by david levithan • allegiant by veronica roth • telegraph avenue  by michael chabon • how i live now by meg rosoff • the virgin suicides by jeffrey eugendies • veronika decides to die by paulo coelho • never let me go by kazuo ishiguro • eleven minutes by paulo coelho

collective book buys:
(gifted by my boyfriend some time ago, but have yet to read or show)

all she was worth by miyuki miyabe • snow country by yasunari kawabata

I’m very excited to start reading these lovely books soon. I’m particularly excited about The Virgin Suicides, which is my favourite movie of all time (Sofia Coppola also happens to be one of my favourite directors) but sadly have never read. I’ve heard that it’s just a beautiful, if not even more, as the movie so I can’t wait to dive into the story again. I’m also excited to dive into the final installment of the Divergent series, Allegiant — I’ve been putting off from reading it because I don’t want it to end just yet. I’ve recently finally gone to see the film for Divergent and I’m getting excited again to be in the world of Tris and Four.  Night Film is one of my favourite buys at the book sale. I bought it for only $8; I saw it a few weeks before at the bookstore selling it for $22 or so, so I’m extremely happy I decided to wait out. What a steal! Lastly, I desperately want to watch How I Live Now, seeing how the trailer came out in theaters not too long ago (I feel like we’re so behind with films and everything is already out everywhere else?!) and it looked SO GOOD. Definitely have to go and read it before watching the film (I don’t even know when it’s out here!)


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