Eric, the Boy Who Lost His Gravity By Jenni Desmond

Eric, the Boy Who Lost His Gravity By Jenni Desmond
Published March 11th 2014 by Blue Apple Books

Disclaimer: I received a review copy c/o of the Publisher, via Edelweiss.


SummaryStuck in the house with his little sister one rainy day, Eric grows so angry that he lifts right off the floor and runs out the window, but after cooling off he realizes he misses his family.



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OK, this is a little different for me to review. Eric, the Boy who Lost His Gravity is a children’s book. I wanted to read this book, because I liked the illustrations and namely because I have a 4 year old younger sister that I like to read to.

As an adult (I’m 22 years old), the book was of course rather silly but it is whimsical and still enjoyable. The story itself doesn’t necessarily make that much sense but hey, its a children’s story so it should be fun and imaginative (which it certainly is). Perhaps for, me as an adult I wasn’t able to appreciate the last few chapters because it ended rather abruptly, but for my little sister, she was really happy and excited about it. So in a way, the book accomplished what its supposed to do: it was enjoyable and entertaining for children.

I really loved the illustrations and I must admit that I would love to own a physical copy for the artwork. Seeing how it’s a children’s book, I’d recommend it if you have kids, have younger siblings or know anyone who may be keen to pick this up.

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