Empower Yourself By Miranda Kerr

Empower Yourself By Miranda Kerr
Published Sept 9 2014 by Hay House

Disclaimer: I received a review copy c/o of the Publisher, via Netgalley.


Summary: Following the overwhelming response to Treasure Yourself, Miranda continues to explore similar themes in her latest title, providing insight on what she believes it means for young, modern women to be empowered in all areas of life and how this can be achieved.

For Miranda, one of the most powerful tools to facilitate change, both in her own life, and in the lives of others, is the use of positive affirmations. Here, she has written over 250 personal affirmations that can be used to achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle, harmonious relationships, fulfilling career and happiness.

“When we have the courage to speak our truth, no matter how difficult that may be, we tap into the infinite power that lies within us.”

“Come with me on a nurturing journey. I believe we all have a responsibility to bring peace and harmony into our lives and to share these experiences with others. My wish is that the thoughts and affirmations in this book will help you to focus on the positive, leading you to a life of greater self-care and joy. To be your best you have to do your best. And when you continually look with optimistic eyes, you empower yourself!” — Miranda Kerr

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I love Miranda Kerr. She’s one of my favourite Victoria Secret’s models. I’ve always been curious about the books she’s written (her books always seem to be wrapped in bookstores, so I never really know what’s inside) are about and so I jumped at the chance to read this book.

Empower Yourself is a self-help book that leans more towards the daily affirmation, coffee table book type of self-help. If you’ve read Demi Lovato’s Staying Strong: 365 Days a Year, Empower Yourself is pretty similar.I enjoyed Empower Yourself, it was quick to glance through and certainly lifted my spirits after reading it. Empower Yourself, is as the title suggests, filled with daily affirmations about how you can empower yourself by loving yourself, finding your voice, voicing opinions, respecting your body and others (among others). Its a great book that you can pick up after you’ve had a bad day and I can certainly see myself following some of these affirmations. They’re great reminders of how you can treat yourself and others better and love and appreciate yourself. Empower Yourself may or may not change your life, but it can certainly help you to remember the more important things in life.

The only thing I’m not such a great fan of is the pictures. The beginning and end of the book is filled with pictures of Miranda, which doesn’t contribute to the book and depending on my mood it might make me feel less empowered but more annoyed.

Regardless, Empower Yourself is supposed to make you feel good about yourself and for the most part, it does its job. Empower Yourself is a good book to have but not necessary to buy.

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