Random Body Parts By Leslie Bulion

Random Body Parts By Leslie Bulion
Publication Date:  1 March 2015 by Peachtree Publishers

Disclaimer: I received a copy c/o the Publisher via Netgalley (through the ‘Read Now’ option).


Summary: Witty and nimble verse about body parts pairs with whimsical drawings in this informative, fun collection. It begins with an invitation to solve a series of poetic riddles: Of course you have a body, / But do you have a clue / Where all the body parts youve got are found / And what they do?

Each poem that follows poses a puzzle in verse (with a sly wink and a nod to Shakespeare) and provides hints for uncovering the body part in question. Sidebars further educate readers about the anatomical subject in question, while appended notes offer a crash course on poetic form and a few facts about the Shakespearean works that inspired the verses.

Captivating lines such as rumble, grumble, roil and rumble, / Acid burn and slurry tumble (from the poem that refers to the stomach) should spark readers interest in poetry and human biology alike. A glossary for science terms is included in the back matter.

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Random Body Parts was pretty fun. They’re simple witty poetry and basically describes different parts of your body. Random Body Parts would probably be more appealing to kids, given the charming and colourful illustrations and also comes with useful scientific information about the body parts on each page. If my siblings were a little younger/older (both my siblings are much younger than me!) I would definitely share this book with them and read it together with them. The book would make for a good quiz/guessing game, wherein if you hide the scientific info at the bottom you could guess what body parts each poem is about!

It’s definitely appealing and the poems are simple enough to understand. I did enjoy the little poetry notes at the end of the book which explains how each poem was written and where the inspiration came from. It’s definitely fun poetry tidbit and brought out the inner Lit geek in me.

All in all, a wonderful short book of anatomy poems. Random Body Parts is available on Netgalley as a Read Now book (at the time of writing) — so get reading!

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