2015 Reading Bingo


Happy New Year, Pretty Bookmarkers!

(I tried to give you all a name.)

OKAY, so my 2014 reading resolutions were mostly a bust. I did whatever I wanted and for the most part, I was too busy trying to finish up my last year of University to really try and keep up. I abandoned my blog for a little bit and updated whenever I could.

BUT. Things have changed now and I do have more time than I used to, so I figured I’m going to make the effort of blogging at least once or twice a week. I’ll make certain I’m going to maintain this blog a little better. For new followers, hello! And for the old followers, howdy to ya too! Thanks for sticking around despite the scarce updates. Whoops.

I’ve already read a whooping 6 books this new year and I stumbled upon Jean‘s video not too long ago about her book resolutions which she adapted into this bingo sheet. I thought it was pretty neat so I decided to adapt the bingo sheet idea and tweak it a little so that it would fit me and my reading goals. (I’ve seen these bingo sheets last year as well, and I don’t really know where the idea originated from so if anyone knows, please let me know!)

I’ll try and update you my progress at the end of every month and share with you the books I’ve read. To encourage me to read more I’ve decided to implement a rule that allows me to cross off one box per book.

Are you guys participating in any book challenges or set any reading goals for yourself this year?


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