Look Where We Live! By Scot Ritchie

Look Where We Live! By Scot Ritchie
Published 1 April 2015 By Kids Can Press

Disclaimer: I received a review copy c/o the publisher via Netgalley.


Summary: This fun and informational picture book follows five friends as they explore their community during a street fair. The children find adventure close to home while learning about the businesses, public spaces and people in their neighborhood. Young readers will be inspired to re-create the fun-filled day in their own communities.

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Look Where We Live is interactive, fun and refreshing.

Look Where We Live discusses about our local community and regardless of where you live in the world, this is certainly something that most people can relate to. There are different aspects that this book takes you through, such as different occupations, different locations and so on.

Look Where We Live really allowed both my younger sister and I to integrate ourselves into the community and really allowed us to have a discussion about our own local community and what we see on a day to day basis. Books like Look Where We Live are important, and its great for daily discussions and reflections. It helps us to really see our community as it is, and how different people, big or small can really play their part in the community.

This book is great for character building as well. I believe there was a page that discusses cutting queues, which is something I’m sure most of us dislike but have to put up with. Again, Look Where We Live is really a simple book about the surrounding community, but there is a lot more to the book than meets the eye.

I particularly love books that are interactive and can set discussions going. To me, those are the elements that I am looking for when reading books to my younger sister and the kind of books that I want to bring into my classroom.

Overall, a wonderful read. Recommended for young children, but could certainly see the worth in bringing such a simple book into a middle grade class or to be read to slightly older kids.

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