The Good Girl By Mary Kubica

The Good Girl By Mary Kubica
Published 29 July 2014 By Harlequin MIRA


Summary: One night, Mia Dennett enters a bar to meet her on-again, off-again boyfriend, but when he doesn’t show up, she leaves with an enigmatic stranger.

At first Colin Thatcher seems like a safe one-night stand, but following Colin home will turn out to be the worst mistake of Mia’s life.


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Holy effin’ crap.

I read The Good Girl a while back and this book still haunts me. Part of me is slightly disappointed with the ending, but a large majority of me loves this book. I don’t tend to read hyped books, but I took a plunge because the premise sounded really awesome. And it is.

The Good Girl, for the most part doesn’t disappoint. It’s about a girl who goes missing and when she returns she isn’t herself and has lost parts of her memory. In fact, she goes by a whole other name and a completely new persona. The book is told in three different POVs: her mom, Mia/Chloe and Colin (her kidnapper). I really enjoyed the different POVs. It really gave you a full, detailed story from everyone’s perspective which really added to the story. Same events, different thoughts. I think the POV gave room for not only more information but also dug into their character individually. You could see how things changed for them and how their character developed overtime.

In terms of POVs, I think The Good Girl has executed it well. I particularly enjoyed Mia’s POV and her transition into becoming Chloe and Colin’s perspective, mainly because it’s different and interesting to look at things in the eyes of a kidnapper. Mia’s mom mainly delves around what she hasn’t done for Mia and has a story arc of her own with the detective and their search for Mia. It was interesting, but it wasn’t as interesting as following the “main” story itself. I felt that because her mom’s POV is somewhat delayed and also revolves around post-kidnapping, it wasn’t as impactful as what happened during.

My issue with The Good Girl is perhaps the ending. It felt a little flat to me, and after all that happened and the action and drama, the ending almost fizzled out. It was unexpected (for me at least) but I kind of wish something else would have happened. But I think because of the ending, it propelled Mia to become more and more isolated. I think psychologically, Mia feels attached to Colin and the ending just broke her.

One other issue is that I felt that sometimes Mia’s mom’s “sense” that so and so happened to her daughter in a dream or something was really over the chart. I understand that it’s a real thing and does happen, but at the time I read it, it felt so forced like it was input into the story just so the detective can actually DO SOMETHING.

Overall, The Good Girl was worth the hype. It was engaging, interesting and I flew threw the book. Even after I was done I kept thinking about it and I wanted to read it again. Definitely a book to recommend everyone especially if you darker/crime/thriller books. I am shocked that this is a debut novel because it is FANTASTIC. Highly recommended!

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