Carpe Librum Box Unboxing: Sept/Oct Box

Disclaimer: Not sponsored. Paid in full with my own money. 

OK, I don’t know about you, but after receiving my first Carpe Librum box I wanted more. So when they opened up slots for the Sept/Oct Wanderlust boxed, I immediately jumped on it. The box includes 1 book and around 5 other items, complete with doorstep delivery, at $35SGD.

Here’s what I got this month:



First thing you get in the box is this Wanderlust bookmark from Crafted Van. If you’re not familiar with Crafted Van, they have an assorted range of magnetic bookmarks available for purchase online! There’s also a handmade luggage tag (can’t remember from where, sorry!) as well as a personalised postcard with a message from the owners of Carpe Librum.



The book I received is Land of the Midnight Sun: My Arctic Adventures by Alexander Armstrong. I don’t know much about it — there’s only 2 reviews about it on Goodreads at the time that I’m writing this post. It is a non-fiction book that entails his journey as he heads to the Arctic.


Also in the box are these 2 charms. Not very sure what they’re for, if they’re meant for charm bracelets, or to be worn with the string attached? There’s not much information about this charm so I can’t tell you much. They’re very cute, but I don’t see myself utilising these charms in the near future. I can’t attach them to my Pandora bracelet either, so I’ll probably end up passing it over to someone else.


Lastly is this 4 set travel drawstrings. They’re made of this plastic/pvc material so it keeps your stuff waterproof. Probably will pass this on to someone else since I already have my own set of travel drawstrings. Slightly disappointed that they didn’t check the item, because the biggest drawstring came with stains that I couldn’t remove, so I can only give away the other 3.

So… I don’t know. I don’t feel like I can get much use out of this box, so the price tag does lean a little heavy in that aspect. Of course with book subscription boxes there are bound to be boxes that you don’t like or you can use the items, so I knew going in that it would be 50/50 that I’ll get something I like. I do notice that there is a lack of book-related items, compared to the other boxes available out there which tries to get as many book-related items as possible that can match the theme.

After two boxes, I can’t say much about this service. I don’t think I will be repurchasing another box from them for a while and maybe source out other boxes. But we’ll definitely have to see how this service does grow and maybe they will curate more book-related items for future boxes. It’s something to consider that I hope they can look into.


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