The Girl Who Said Sorry By Hayoung Yim

cover122335-mediumThe Girl Who Said Sorry by Hayoung Yim

Published 5 Oct 2017 by Rhyming Reason Books

Disclaimer: I received a review copy c/o Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.


Summary: Too girly or too boyish. Too thin or too fat. Too quiet, too loud. Be ambitious, but don’t hurt feelings. Be inquisitive, but don’t interrupt. Be outspoken, but don’t be bossy. Most of all, be yourself–but be a lady.

What’s a girl to do in a world filled with contradicting gender expectations, aside from saying sorry?

The way we teach politeness norms to children is often confusing, changing based on gender–and can have lasting effects. And while everyone should be courteous and accountable for their actions, apologetic language out of context can undermine confidence and perceived capability.

Within the subtle yet beautiful illustrations and powerful rhyme of “The Girl Who Said Sorry,” developing girls will learn that self-expression and personal choices can be made without apology, and with confidence.

50% of profits from this book is donated to Girl Up, a United Nations Foundation campaign dedicated to empowering young girls to take action on global issues.



Parents and educators: this is the one book you REALLY NEED ON YOUR SHELF FOR YOUR KIDS.

I found myself nodding while I read this because I could relate so much to this. Growing up, I heard a lot of stereotypes about being a girl. I should do this, not that, but you know… don’t be too girly, as if it was possible to measure the level of your feminism on any form of scale. It baffled me, that being a “tomboy” was seen as not raising your girls right, but then chastised for being too soft or quiet.

As a kid I always wondered: what is it that these adults actually want from me?

Our main character is often saying sorry, because she never seems to meet anyone’s expectations. She is neither here nor there, she cannot be this or that. The ending summaries it so well:

Words and choices that don’t hurt anybody else, I will not say “Sorry” — They’re an expression of myself

And that is exactly it.

This book is going to teach kids that they shouldn’t say sorry for being expressive and themselves. That they can be whatever they want to be, without judgement, if they aren’t hurting anyone else.

The book is short and simple to read and also has very nice accompanying illustrations.

Please buy this for your little girls (and even boys)! Teach them not to undermine themselves and to stand tall and proud of who they are without apology.

50% of profits from this book is donated to Girl Up, a United Nations Foundation campaign dedicated to empowering young girls to take action on global issues. I urge you to buy the book and contribute to a great cause for young girls everywhere.



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