Movie Review: Coin Heist

Spoiler free!

I freaking LOVED this movie adaptation of Elisa Ludwig’s Coin Heist. After I read the book in 2014, I wrote in my review that the book read like a movie. And boy was I all over this when I saw this in my Netflix recommended list.

Coin Heist the movie is essentially similar to Coin Heist the book. In fact, the movie played out almost exactly how I envisioned it in my mind. I loved the cast and the fact that I didn’t know any of them except Sasha because it kept the feel of it being a high school heist movie authentic. I am so grateful that they kept Coin Heist similar to the book without going too Hollywood on it. Coin Heist is already a great book without additional theatrics and Netflix pulled it off.

The core of the movie mainly revolves around the heist and how these kids from different status quo form an uncanny team to save their school. Tons of character growth, unexpected-expected love lines, an exciting heist and an all round great high school movie.

Fans of the book will be pleased to know that the movie didn’t ruin the book, but in fact, brought it to life. Easy watch with a great simple plot, Coin Heist is a wonderful book to movie adaptation.


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