February Bingo Update

March is almost over and I’m sad to report that I’ve barely gotten any reading done since starting my new job. I’m constantly using the spare time to sleep rather than reading, and I desperately want to change this terrible habit. Must. Keep. Reading.

Anyway, I’ve managed to cross out 4 more boxes off my bingo chart for the month of February. I’m hoping I could cross out a couple more boxes before March is completely over! (Fat chance of that happening, but who is to say I wouldn’t….) Read a lot of fantastic books in February, which I’m hoping I can compile and share in a blog post soon. (I’m not going to make promises!)

On to the books!

Read a review book

The Fangirl’s Guide to the Galaxy: A Handbook for Girl Geeks By Sam Maggs • Love Hurts By Malorie Blackman

Read a 2015 release

Love Hurts By Malorie Blackman • The Fangirl’s Guide to the Galaxy: A Handbook for Girl Geeks By Sam Maggs

Read a book to movie adaptation

Confessions of a Shopaholic By Sophie Kinsella

Read an adult book

I’ve Got Your Number By Sophie Kinsella • Confessions of a Shopaholic By Sophie Kinsella


January Bingo Update


I can’t believe January is already over. It feels like we’ve just begun 2015 and now we’re well into the second week of February. Time is flying by quickly these days!

I’ve made a little dent in my reading bingo challenge, but I’m nowhere near completing a set of bingo. I’ve come to terms with reading at my own pace and reading what I want to read, so I’ve not forced myself to complete a bingo line, but rather cross off whatever I feel like. I think that was my main goal with this challenge; I wanted to read more of what I liked, and expand my reading whilst making it fun. I’m sure it’ll be thrilling when I complete my first bingo line!

For the month of January, I kind of read a lot of books that overlapped or books that pretty much fell into the same category, hence only 3 ‘X’s. (I made the rule that I could only use one book to tick off one box, but since I read more books in each topic, I’ll just add them to its multiple boxes — just in case you’re interested in reading the book but wasn’t sure what its about!)

Read a Graphic Novel

Drama By Raina Telgemeier • Through The Woods By Emily Carroll • Can We Talk About Something More Pleasant? By Roz Chast

Read a Non Fiction Book

Can We Talk About Something More Pleasant? By Roz Chast • Well Read Women: Portraits of Fiction’s Most Beloved Heroines By Samantha Hahn • Kate Spade New York: Things We Love: Twenty Years of Inspiration, Intriguing Bits and Other Curiousities

Read a book about bullying

Tomboy: A Graphic Memoir By Liz Prince


2015 Reading Bingo


Happy New Year, Pretty Bookmarkers!

(I tried to give you all a name.)

OKAY, so my 2014 reading resolutions were mostly a bust. I did whatever I wanted and for the most part, I was too busy trying to finish up my last year of University to really try and keep up. I abandoned my blog for a little bit and updated whenever I could.

BUT. Things have changed now and I do have more time than I used to, so I figured I’m going to make the effort of blogging at least once or twice a week. I’ll make certain I’m going to maintain this blog a little better. For new followers, hello! And for the old followers, howdy to ya too! Thanks for sticking around despite the scarce updates. Whoops.

I’ve already read a whooping 6 books this new year and I stumbled upon Jean‘s video not too long ago about her book resolutions which she adapted into this bingo sheet. I thought it was pretty neat so I decided to adapt the bingo sheet idea and tweak it a little so that it would fit me and my reading goals. (I’ve seen these bingo sheets last year as well, and I don’t really know where the idea originated from so if anyone knows, please let me know!)

I’ll try and update you my progress at the end of every month and share with you the books I’ve read. To encourage me to read more I’ve decided to implement a rule that allows me to cross off one box per book.

Are you guys participating in any book challenges or set any reading goals for yourself this year?


Anti Bullying Week: #AntiBullyReads Wrap Up + Recommendations

Anti Bullying Week has come and gone and no, I didn’t manage to read all five books. Typical. But, I did manage to read 2 of the 5 books in my TBR and on top of that an additional book the weekend before. I’m counting that. I really enjoyed myself through this read-a-thon and I’m so happy to have been a part of the Goodreads group and I’m certainly looking forward to next year’s #AntiBullyReads read-a-thon.

During the week of the read-a-thon I managed to read The S Word by Chelsea Pitcher and Thirteen Reasons Why By Jay Asher, both very compelling books about bullying done in very different yet similar ways. During the weekend before I also read the graphic novel Smile By Raina Telgemier which showcased everyday bullying situations in school — and its middle grade, so even younger readers can pick it up.

But just because Anti Bullying Week is over doesn’t mean we should stop reading books about bullying. In fact, we should keep reading, keep discussing, keep talking about it because bullying is still a prominent issue in our current society and hopefully through read-a-thons like these we can educate more people and encourage those who require help seek them, and encourage one another to be part of the solution.

Prior to this, I’ve read many books about bullying, many of them have been especially painful for me to read. Several of my favourites have been reviewed on the blog, such as: Wonder by R. J. Palacio (which also includes Wonder: The Julian Chapter, which follows the POV of the bully), Some Girls Are By Courtney Summers and Tease By Amanda Maciel. Here are some other recommendations of books that involve bullying (you can find these books and more all in the #AntiBullyReads group page):

Divergent By Veronica Roth • The List By Siobhan Vivian • The Outsiders By S. E. Hinton • Burn for Burn By Jenny Han and Siobhan Vivian • The Absolutely True Diary of a Part Time Indian By Sherman Alexie


Anti Bullying Week: #AntiBullyReads TBR

If you haven’t heard already, I’m participating in the #AntiBullyReads Read-a-Thon next week from 17th to 23rd November. Again, I highly encourage everyone to participate and start a conversation. You can check out my announcement post here with all the full details, including links to the original announcement post by Sarah. 

I’ve managed to narrow down my TBR list to five books from the list and I know it will be a bit difficult for me because I am in a bit of a slump (as always) but I think that the fact that these books will help to create a buzz and bring awareness about bullying is very encouraging and I definitely want to try and push myself to read them all.

I’ve heard nothing but good things about Winger, This Song Will Save Your Life and Eleanor & Park, so I’m pretty sure they’ll be really good books to read. I’m also a huge fan of Burn for Burn, the first book in the Burn for Burn trilogy and I’m super excited to see how the story progresses. And lastly, I haven’t heard too much about The S Word but I am pulled in by the synopsis and definitely curious to see if I’ll enjoy the book.

If you are participating in the read-a-thon, let me know what you’re reading and tweet along with me over at @prettybookmarks and be reading buddies!


Anti Bullying Week: #AntiBullyReads Announcement

In light of Anti Bullying Week, the wonderful booktuber Sarah Churchill has decided to create a read-a-thon for it. As the title suggests, we will be reading books that are related to bullying and start a conversation. This issue is definitely something that I feel so strongly about and I encourage everyone to participate in it and really talk about the issue. To find out more information, you can watch Sarah’s announcement video and head over to the Goodreads Group for book suggests and to leave your TBR links.

I’ll be doing my own TBR pile in a separate post soon!

#AntiBullyReads Read-a-thon
17 – 23 November 2014


#sunathon wrap up

 photo vL2upR0-checker_zps536c10db.jpg

I participated in #sunathon, a read-a-thon created by the lovely Emma and had such a blast! I had originally planned out to read 6 books, but because of university and preparing for Eid, I didn’t manage to read that much. But still, 3 is quite a feat to me considering I had a giant reading slump that I still can’t get out of. I’m happy that I managed to read 3 books, made new friends and discovered some amazing new books that I wouldn’t have picked up from my bookshelf (one I’ve pre-ordered last year and still haven’t read it till now) if it weren’t for #sunathon. I struggled a bit to keep up with my reads, but hey, doesn’t matter how much you read as long as you read, right?

I will be participating in #fallathon as well from the 13th – 19th October, so if you missed out on this one do participate in #fallathon! You can find more details on this here.

Vivian Versus the Apocalypse By Katie Coyle • Popular: Vintage Wisdom for a Modern Geek By Maya Van Wagenen • The Thousand Dollar Tan Line By Rob Thomas & Jennifer Graham



#sunathon TBR

If you haven’t heard already, I’ll be participating in #sunathon from the 21st – 27th July. I’ve been in a bit of a reading slump and #sunathon is definitely going to help kick me off my butt and start reading! I’ve decided not to be too ambitious for the #sunathon and opt for smaller books and ones I’m most excited for at the moment! Here’s my TBR list for #sunathon:

vivian versus the apocalypse by katie coyle • if i stay by gayle forman • popular: vintage wisdom for a modern geek by maya van wagenen • the lemon grove by helen walsh • fever pitch by nick hornby • how i live now by meg rosoff

You can find out more about #sunathon here and participate in the read-a-thon! If you’re already participating, leave a comment with links to your TBR or tell me what you’re reading!


#sunathon announcement

Hello lovely readers!

I know I’ve been slacking a little bit on the reading front but I have a good reason: I’ve been back in uni for a while (last semester of senior year, can I get a whoop whoop?!) and assignments are piling in + I took a short vacation with my family. I’m trying to read as much as I can in between the work and life, generally and trying my best to keep the blog as updated as possible.

Anyway… seeing how I’ve been so busy lately, I needed a kick to read more so I’m glad to announce that I’m taking part in #sunathon, which is a week-long read-a-thon created by Emma. Here’s a short message from Emma herself:

From the 21st to the 27th July, book bloggers from all around the world will be taking part in #sunathon. What is #sunathon? Created by Emma Louise (@EmmaIsWriting), for that particular week in the gorgeous sun (or rain in you’re in the UK), we’re going to read. It doesn’t matter how much you read, as long as you make time for reading. There are a lot of people around the world who are blind to the magical world books and it’s a shame. More of us should read. I’ve decided to make it a full week: Monday-Sunday because a lot of book bloggers have full time jobs and they squeeze reading in between. I’ve made it longer just for them.

Use #sunathon to follow book bloggers around the world talking about it. It doesn’t matter whether you’re in the UK, or America, or Malaysia (waves to Kev) or Germany – it’s about us all coming together to read.

So mark your calendars and join me and other book bloggers (and readers!) in this week-long read-a-thon!


21st – 27th July 2014


2013 Debut Author Challenge

I came across this challenge whilst reading Little Book Owl and was quickly intrigued into doing it. I’ve thought about it for a while and now that I’m done with uni for a while, I figured I’d give this challenge a shot. This challenge is hosted by Tara of Hobbitsies. This challenge will last all through till January 31, 2014 so there will be plenty of time (even though I’m late to the reading party!) for me to catch up 🙂

Here are my 12 picks for the challenge:

I managed to get a bit of a mix in there with the dystopian and contemporary novels. I’m mostly excited to read Starstuck which is a historical fiction book and I’ve never really read one of those. I managed to get all of these in ebook format so I’ll be lugging these books in my kindle for the next couple of months.

Will you be reading any of these books?

Check out the books on Goodreads:

  1. Reboot by Amy Tintera
  2. Dr Bird’s Advice for Sad Poets by Evan Roskos
  3. The Last Academy by Anne Applegate
  4. The Universe Versus Alex Woods by Gavin Extence
  5. Game Set Match by Jennifer Iacopelli
  6. 45 Pounds by K.A. Barson
  7. Nobody But Us by Kristin Halbrook
  8. Prep School Confidential by Kara Taylor
  9. Starstruck by Rachel Shukert
  10. Dualed by Elsie Chapman
  11. The S-Word by Chelsea Pitcher
  12. The Distance Between Us by Kasie West