In My Bookshelf

Took my camera out for some test shots and naturally took photos of my books:

DSC_0321_Fotormy bookshelf

I do have a larger bookshelf dedicated all my other books, but I’ve recently converted this tiny space for all my newer books. As you can see it’s stacked all the way in and is pretty much really filled now. Since the space is so tiny it’s harder to fit bigger books (like the one you can see at the top) but I love how my bookshelf looks.

The whole shelf comes in a set of three, but it’s split among my two other siblings who keep their books in the lower shelves. My little cube is also split into two, international books and the first 5 on the right are all my local literature (I’m from Singapore, if you didn’t know). The first two little books at the far right are some Marvel notebooks my boyfriend gave to me and the two books at the front are also local books (cheated because they’re taller and couldn’t fit with the other 5).

DSC_0328edited_Fotorlove & misadventure by lang leav

I am loving this book at the moment. Love & Misadventure is a collection of poetry by the wonderful Lang Leav. I really love how simple her poems are and how she just gets me. Had a great opportunity meeting her in November at her book signing — yes, I got my copy signed and got to take a picture with her (but we’ll leave that for later … much much much later).

DSC_0329edited_Fotorvivian versus the apocalypse by katie coyle

I pre-ordered Vivian Versus the Apocalypse after watching Sanne‘s review of this book. I’ve yet to get round to this book with university and life getting in the way, but I am really looking forward to finally reading this book. I absolutely love the typography and the cover. So pretty.

DSC_0331edited_Fotortheatre by w. somerset maugham

This is one of my most recent buys when I was at Kinokuniya with one of my good friends. I’ve never read Maugham before, although I recently watched a review of The Painted Veil through Lesley and fell in love with the plot. I got The Painted Veil on my kindle and though I’ve never heard much about Theatre, I was completely drawn after reading through the first few pages. I also fell in love with the Penguin Vintage editions recently — how beautiful is this cover?

DSC_0332edited_Fotorlolita by vladimir nabokov

Yes, I’m one of those people that have never read Lolita or watched the movie. With having recently gone through a screen text class and watching a bunch of old films, I suddenly thought about how much I wanted to read Lolita. I’ve tried to read it a couple of years back, but I couldn’t push through. Maybe it’s one of those books for me that requires me to be older to appreciate it. A good friend of mine (yes, the one from the Kinokuniya trip) gifted me this for my 21st birthday which is such a lovely present. I think “have yet to read” is an ongoing theme in this post now — I’ll get round to it, I promise.


Please Look after Mother is one of my favourite books. Tears were shed, along with more love and understanding for my mother. I strongly urge everyone who has yet to pick this book up to give it a go. Please Look after Mother is written by a Korean author Kyung Sook Chin and has been translated from Korean to English. I don’t know if this is a bias towards Korean books but I find them all to be very poetic (and deep), much like Japanese books.

That’s my bookshelf — maybe next time I’ll do a longer post with more pictures of my books.
Hope you enjoyed this short post 🙂