Top Ten Tuesday | 2014 Debut Authors

Top Ten Tuesday is a meme created by The Broke and the Bookish. Each week we list our top 10 book-related things. This week, we’re talking about:

2014 Debut Authors I’m Excited For

This week’s top 10 is all about debut authors. Now, last year I participated in the 2013 Debut Authors challenge and failed miserably. This year, I’m hoping I fair a little better. I have this thing with “hype”. Often, when books are hyped about, I get excited and anticipate but would later find myself disappointed (last year’s instance was Rainbow Rowell’s Fangirl). I’m glad I took my time to read John Green’s The Fault in our Stars — I was able to read without the stress or burden of needing to like it.

Here are my top 10 anticipated debuts of 2014:

1. The Murder Complex By Lindsay Cummings
2. Dear Killer By Katherine Ewell
3. Great By Sara Benincasa
4. The Truth About Alice By Jennifer Mathieu
5. Tease By Amanda Maciel
6. Say What You Will By Cammie McGovern
7. Something Real By Heather Demetrios
8. Breakfast Served Anytime By Sarah Combs


Top Ten Tuesday | 2014 Reading Resolutions

Top Ten Tuesday is a meme created by The Broke and the Bookish. Each week we list our top 10 book-related things. This week, we’re talking about:

2014 Reading Resolutions

My reading resolutions for this year is fairly straight forward and looks somewhat manageable, which is good as I’ll be heading back to university this week. I think resolution #9 is the most important. I used to stress out a lot when I don’t hit my reading count or find myself in little slumps… it became more evident when I started the book blog when I tried to force myself to read to rush out more content.

It’ve come to terms with reading leisurely, and allowing myself to jot down my thoughts and feelings in a notebook (I have one specifically for book reviews) and updating the blog later on when I can. This way, I feel less burdened to constantly be reading and uploading. It gives me time to think about what I want to say and how I feel and even if I don’t update immediately, I’m encompassed them in my notebook so I won’t forget the key issues I want to talk about.

Here’s hoping 2014 will be a good year for me (and you!) for both reading and in life!



Top Ten Tuesday | Top 13 of 2013

Top Ten Tuesday is a meme created by The Broke and the Bookish. Each week we list our top 10 book-related things. This week, we’re talking about:

Top 13 Books of 2013

Have I talked about these books enough yet? No? Well, I should. Because they were so damn good. (Oh, after doing this up I realized I missed out one of my favourites of this year: I Have the Right to Destroy Myself by Kim Young Ha. Love it.)

Here are my top 13 books of 2013:

1. Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (And Other Concerns) By Mindy Kaling

I am obsessed with Mindy Kaling. I loved her in The Office, I loved her in The Mindy Project. And well, I love Mindy Kaling. Needless to say I fell in love with her more after reading this book. I kept secretly reading this at work because I just couldn’t help myself. I need more Mindy, please!

2. The Program By Suzanne Young

Ughhhh, I feel like I haven’t raved about this enough. The Program was one of my most anticipated of 2013 and certainly did not disappoint. I love dystopian books and this is right up there along with Divergent and The Hunger Games.

3. The Bling Ring By Nancy Jo Sales

OK, this book is a hit or miss with many people. Some may argue that it wasn’t a very good book and it didn’t touch on the more “important” things like why they did it blah blah blah. Now, The Bling Ring is one of those non-fiction books that I simply could not put down. I read this in between work, I read it at work, during work, on the way home from work…. you get the picture. Strangely, I became obsessed with these kids. I wanted to know more, needed to know more. I would recommend this, if you’re willing to read more of what happened or some background on the case. Otherwise, the movie adaptation by Sofia Coppola is a succinct version of the book. (I am a huge Cappola fan too!)

4. Bridget Jones’s Diary By Helen Fielding

Have I talked about Bridget Jones enough? I’m so damn late to the Bridget Jones party… I wish I read it earlier. Please be my friend, Bridget. You are so fabulous.

5. Lovely, Dark and Deep By Amy McNamara

The title of the book is an apt reflection of why I love this book. This book doesn’t get enough love. I urge everyone to read this book: it is poetic and beautiful.

6. Dangerous Girls By Abigail Haas

Two words: the. ending. You will keep reading, re-reading once the ending comes around. All round excellent mystery novel with a very interesting plot.

7. Love & Misadventure By Lang Leav

Love & Misadventure will continue to be one of my favourite volumes of poetry. What I love about it is its simplicity. You don’t need to be a poetry major to understand it. I met her this year a few months ago and got my book signed. She’s so adorable and is always a sweetheart on twitter. I hope she releases more volumes soon!

8. Ready Player One By Earnest Cline

This is another book I couldn’t put down. I even read it at work. (I’m starting to sound like a misfit… I read when I’ve done my work, I promise!) I loved that it was all about video games and alternate reality. It has such an interesting premise and I’ve never read anything like it before. What a wonderful experience it was to be submerged into the world of video games.

9. The Fault in our Stars By John Green.

This book lives up to the hype. No, seriously, I wasn’t cynical too but no, this book is brilliant. Don’t hesitate. Pick it up. Now. Please prepare some tissues. It might get ugly very quickly.

10. Easy By Tamara Webber

This was my first New Adult book and it was also one of those books that was crazily hyped over. Again, I was cynical especially when it came to contemporaries and people falling in love. But I really enjoyed this book. It lived up to the hype of it being addictive and good.

11. Prep School Confidential By Kara Taylor

Please. If you’ve been reading my blog, you know I do nothing but rave about it. I will hard-sell this book to anyone who is willing to listen. A debut novel that is unlike a debut novel. Fantastic book.

12. The Outsiders By S.E. Hinton

One of my new favourite classics. I’ve been hearing so much about it for so long, but never bothered to pick it up until I read an except of it in Fangirl. I loved how easy it was to read. I have a bad track record with classics: it’s so hard for me to read it from start to finish but I whizzed though this. I spent hours reading this through the morning.  I fell in love with the characters that I couldn’t put it down nor stop thinking about it. It’s one of those books that will stay with you forever. Stay golden, Ponyboy.

13. Before I Go To Sleep By SJ Watson

This should be a no brainer. I absolutely loved this book. I kept thinking about it for weeks after reading it. It was so exciting and incredibly exhilarating.

What are you top 13 books of this year? I’d love to see if any of the books from above made your list!


Top Ten Tuesday | Books From Santa

Top Ten Tuesday is a meme created by The Broke and the Bookish. Each week we list our top 10 book-related things. This week, we’re talking about:

Top 10 Books I Wouldn’t Mind Santa Bringing Me

(Another late TTT, sorry! I’ve been so busy, I’m getting right back on track now!)

I’ve chosen a diversity of books for books I’d like for Santa (or anyone, ahem!) to gift to me. There’s some graphic novels, young adult fiction, adult fiction, memoirs and I even cheated to include some 2014 releases.

I can’t wait to get my hands on these books. They’ve piqued my interest recently and I hope I get to read them soon. I’m especially keen to read The Rosie Project after reading all the rave reviews about it.

What are you hoping Santa gets you this year?

1. The Nao of Brown By Glyn Dillon
2. A Whole Lot Of History By Kimberly Walsh
3. Roomies By Sara Zarr & Tara Altebrando
4. To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before By Jenny Han
5. The Treatment By Suzanne Young
6. Juvie By Steve Watkins
7. The Silent Wife By A. S. A. Harrison
8. The Whole Golden World By Kristina Riggle
9. Attack of the Theater People By Marc Acito
10. The Rosie Project By Graeme Simsion


Top Ten Tuesday | New-To-Me Authors

Top Ten Tuesday is a meme created by The Broke and the Bookish. Each week we list our top 10 book-related things. This week, we’re talking about:

Top 10 New-To-Me Authors I’ve Read In 2013

I’ve read some really good books from authors unfamiliar to me this year. Kim Young Ha is quickly becoming one of my favourite authors that I’ve discovered this year, while Kara Taylor is one of my favourite Young Adult debut author of the year. I am so happy to have finally read a John Green book (finally) and to discover the wonderful world of Bridget Jones.

Here are some of my favourites from this year:

1. Amy McNamara x Lovely, Dark and Deep
2. Helen Fielding x Bridget Jones’s Diary series
3. Abigail Haas (Abby McDonald) x Dangerous Girls
4. Kim Young Ha x I Have The Right To Destroy Myself
5. S.J. Watson x Before I Go To Sleep
6. Lisa & Laura Roecker x The Liar Society
7. Ernest Cline x Ready Player One
8. Kara Taylor x Prep School Confidential
9. Lang Leav x Love & Misadventure
10. John Green x The Fault In Our Stars


Top Ten Tuesday | Winter TBR

Top Ten Tuesday is a meme created by The Broke and the Bookish. Each week we list our top 10 book-related things. This week, we’re talking about:

Top 10 Books On My Winter TBR

winter-related themed reads

non-winter themed read

I decided to split up my December TBR into two piles: winter themed and non-winter themed. We don’t get snow in Singapore, so for me I’m living vicariously through books.

The winter themed pile isn’t necessarily just about winter, but has winter in it’s title or on snow on it’s cover. I cheated and included Dash & Lily’s book of dares although I’ve already read it. It revolves a lot around Christmas time so I wish I read it closer to Christmas. I also included Bittersweet in this list because baking! Holiday cookies anyone?

For this month’s non-winter reads, I’m just planning to read the final installment of the Bridget Jones’s diaries, a short story by Alice Munro and a dystopian book The Program. I’ll also be reading The DUFF as part of The Chick Lits book club on goodreads. Check them out if you’re interested in reading some contemporary/chick lit.

What are you reading this winter?

1. Drifting House By Krys Lee
2. How to Save a Life By Sara Zarr
3. Dash & Lily’s Book of Dares By David Levithan & Rachel Cohn
4. Bittersweet By Sarah Ockler
5. Let It Snow By John Green, Maureen Johnson & Lauren Myracle
6. Wintergirls By Laurie Halse Anderson
7. The Program By Suzanne Young
8. The DUFF By Kody Keplinger
9. Mad About The Boy By Helen Fielding
10. Dear Life: Stories By Alice Munro


Top Ten Tuesday | 2014 Releases

Top Ten Tuesday is a meme created by The Broke and the Bookish. Each week we list our top 10 book-related things. This week, we’re talking about:

2014 Releases I’m Dying to Read

Yes, I’m doing a TTT on a Friday but shhh – this will be our secret.

There are so many books I’m excited for next year – but okay, I admit, some of them caught my eye because of their gorgeous covers. But heck, the synopsis sounds so good too. I’m particularly excited about The Murder Complex by Lindsay Cummings which is said to be for fans of Nikita. Umm, yes please. I’m also extremely excited for Wicked Little Secrets, the sequel to Prep School Confidential. I can’t wait to be back at Wheatley Prep with our darling Anne Dowling.

I’ve read an incredible lot of great books this year – I can’t wait to see how 2014 plays out. So many great books, so little time.

What books are you looking forward to reading in 2014?

1. Isla and the Happily Ever After by Stephanie Perkins
2. The Museum of Intangible Things by Wendy Wunder
3. Lies my Girlfriend told Me by Julie Ann Peters
4. We Were Liars by E. Lockhart
5. Wicked Little Secrets (Prep School Confidential #2) by Kara Taylor
6. The Murder Complex by Lindsay Cummings
7. To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before by Jenny Han
8. Tease by Amanda Maciel
9. Landline by Rainbow Rowell
10. The Vigilante Poets of Selwyn High by Kate Hattemer