July Wrap Up

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I can’t believe July is already over. Where did all the time go? I’ve been busy in July with assignments for university and preparing for Eid and only managed to read 7 books in my spare time. I think I’m still feeling a little bit burnt out from reading, but I’ve gotten a bit of a kick from reading If I Stay by Gayle Forman a few days ago, that I might have gotten my reading kick back! I’ll be busy studying for my final exam of university ever so hopefully I’ll be able to read freely without feeling guilty about it.

Golden By Jessi Kirby • Pieces of it All By Tracy Krimmer • Vivian Versus the Apocalypse By Katie Coyle • Cameo By Tanille • Popular: Vintage Wisdom for a Modern Geek By Maya Van Wagenen • The Secret Diary of Lizzie Bennet By Bernie Su & Kate Rorick •  The Thousand Dollar Tan Line  By Rob Thomas & Jennifer Graham


#sunathon wrap up

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I participated in #sunathon, a read-a-thon created by the lovely Emma and had such a blast! I had originally planned out to read 6 books, but because of university and preparing for Eid, I didn’t manage to read that much. But still, 3 is quite a feat to me considering I had a giant reading slump that I still can’t get out of. I’m happy that I managed to read 3 books, made new friends and discovered some amazing new books that I wouldn’t have picked up from my bookshelf (one I’ve pre-ordered last year and still haven’t read it till now) if it weren’t for #sunathon. I struggled a bit to keep up with my reads, but hey, doesn’t matter how much you read as long as you read, right?

I will be participating in #fallathon as well from the 13th – 19th October, so if you missed out on this one do participate in #fallathon! You can find more details on this here.

Vivian Versus the Apocalypse By Katie Coyle • Popular: Vintage Wisdom for a Modern Geek By Maya Van Wagenen • The Thousand Dollar Tan Line By Rob Thomas & Jennifer Graham



June Wrap Up

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Incredibly late with my June Wrap Up, but better late then never right? I took things easy in June, seeing how I read a whooping 25 books in May and I was feeling a little bit burnt out from reading all those books. I only read 9 books in June but it is certainly a lot better than not reading at all so I’m not too bothered about it!

Spud By John Van de Ruit • #GIRLBOSS By Sophia Amoruso • Suicide Notes By Michael Thomas Ford • Everything Leads to You By Nina LaCour • Pack of Dorks By Beth Vrabel • Brunette Ambition By Lea Michele • Black Chalk  By Christopher J. Yates • Smart Girls Get What They Want By Sarah Strohmeyer • In Too Deep By Amanda Grace


May Wrap Up

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Wonder By R. K. Palacio • The Virgin Suicides By Jeffrey Eugendies • Love Letters to the Dead By Ava Dellaira

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Some Girls Are By Courtney Summers • The Girl in 6E By Alessandra Torre • Yours Truly, Taddy By Avery Aster

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Since You’ve Been Gone By Morgan Matson • Fortunately, the Milk By Neil Gaiman • Wonder: The Julian Chapter By R. J. Palacio

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Model Position By Kitsy Clare • Coin Heist By Elisa Ludwig • We Were Liars By E. Lockhart

 photo maywrp5_zpsc3d99e74.png
Tease By Amanda Maciel • Mr Penumbra’s 24-Hour Bookstore By Robin Sloan • First Term at Malory Towers By Enid Blyton

 photo maywrp6_zps5208fb82.png
Saga Series Volume 1, 2 & 3 (Issues #1 – #18) By Brian K. Vaughan & Fiona Staples

 photo maywrp7_zps224690c4.png
Ms. Marvel Volume 3 (Issues #1 – #3) by G. Willow Wilson

 photo maywrp8_zps69491860.png
My Little Pony: Friends Forever Volume 1 By Alex de Campi • Black Widow & The Marvel Girls By Paul Tobin • Alternative Movie Posters: Film Art From the Underground By Matthew Chojnacki

 photo maywrp9_zps366c682c.png
Face Time By S. J. Pajonas • Eric, the Boy Who Lost His Gravity By Jenni Desmond

I received (advanced) review copies of Wonder: The Julian Chapter, Model Position, Coin Heist, Face Time and Alternative Movie Posters: Film Art from the Underground c/o the publishers via Netgalley. I received Eric, the Boy Who Lost His Gravity c/o the publisher via Edelweiss. I received Yours Truly, Taddy c/o the publisher via Xpresso Book Tours.

Yes, really. I really read 25 books in the month of May.
And yes, I am aware there are 31 days in May.

Safe to say May has been the best reading month of my entire life. I don’t know what caused me to read so much all of a sudden, but I think it has to do with the amount of amazing books I read this month. I got quite a bit of books off Netgalley (along with Edelweiss and Xpresso Book Tours) this month and I still have more books off Netgalley I’ve yet to read. They’re taking me a while to read, namely because one of the books put me in a bit of a slump and I tried to read non-review books to de-stress. (Yikes, review books have started to stress me out! Too many, too much?)

I read a good variety of books this month and many were very compelling and some were certainly life changing. I read a lot of graphic novels this month and I’m absolutely loving it. Its really nice to look at pictures after a long day; they are so great for unwinding. Also, how addictive is the Saga series? I hasn’t expected to love them as much as I did. I’m planning to write reviews and/or mini reviews for the graphic novels I’ve read, depending if I have much to say about them. We’ll see.

I’m quite proud of how much I managed to read this month and also for having reviewed almost all of these books! It has been EXTREMELY crazy trying to keep track of what to read next. Yikes! I’ve somewhat recently started scheduling the books I need to read first — I never imagined I’d have to schedule what books I read next. I’m planning to take it easy in June, seeing how my first Uni assignment for the semester is coming up and I’ll be going on vacation somewhere in the middle of June.

I’ve got a lot in store for June, including some book blitz, promotional stuff and projects. Am constantly looking for new projects to participate in, so if you know of anything I should be participating in, do let me know!


April Wrap Up

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Psi Another Day By D. R. Rosensteel • One Broke Girl By Rhonda Helms • To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before By Jenny Han
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Rich Kids of Instagram By The Creator of Rich Kids of Instagram & Maya Sloan Starstruck By Nicole Ciacchella • The Isobel Journal By Isobel Harrop

 photo aprwrp3_zpsb16b9b98.png

Rebel Belle By Rachel Hawkins • Love, Lex By Avery Aster

I received (advanced) review copies of The Isobel Journal, Starstruck, Rich Kids of Instagram and Psi Another Day c/o the publishers via Netgalley. I received advanced review copies of Love, Lex and One Broke Girl c/o of the publisher via Xpresso Book Tours.

This month was a pretty good reading month for me. I am typically a very slow reader and usually read about 2-3 books per month. However, for the month of April, I decided to participate in Hot Key Books’ #papervspixels challenge. I am proud to say that I stuck with my goal of reading solely on my iPad/Kindle for the entire month of April! I read a total of 8 books, 100% read on my iPad, which is more than what I usually read on a regular month. I had some personal emergency to attend to this month, so I’m surprised I still managed to rack up this much of reading.

If you’ve noticed, a good majority of the books were books I received from publishers through Netgalley & Xpresso Reads; in a way the need to review gave me the motivation to push through the books. I’m really happy with the books I’ve read this month; I enjoyed a good majority of the books and gave a number of 4/5 stars this month! I read several New Adult books, which are a little out of my comfort zone but I’m happy to announce that I did enjoy some of them.

Last weekend, my boyfriend and I headed to a massive book sale at a convention hall and managed to rack up a total of $91 dollars at a bookstore. I bought a whooping sum of 9 books (in which I aggressively raided through boxes of books and stalking people holding books I wanted hoping they would put it back (they did)) so you can look forward to a May Book Haul post soon!

I’m currently reading The Opposite of LonelinessThe Husband’s Secret and Love Letters To The Dead, all of which I put aside to read all the review copies I received. I’m really looking forward to finishing all of these books in the month of May. I’ve heard nothing but great things about The Opposite of Loneliness and Love Letters to the Dead. It so happens that the books are non fiction/essays, adult fiction and young adult which is really showing of how much I’ve begun to branch out. I’m trying to read more non fiction (they’re interesting but I somehow always get tired?) and more adult books (look at me branching out) as I go along to expand the type of things I’m exposed to.

I don’t usually stick to a to be read, but I’m hoping I can also add Wonder by R. J. Palacio and Lolita to the pile of books for May. I’ve made a list of books I want to push higher up the list of 2348917312 books I still have yet to read, so lets hope I get through some of it.