Carpe Librum Box Unboxing: Sept/Oct Box

Disclaimer: Not sponsored. Paid in full with my own money. 

OK, I don’t know about you, but after receiving my first Carpe Librum box I wanted more. So when they opened up slots for the Sept/Oct Wanderlust boxed, I immediately jumped on it. The box includes 1 book and around 5 other items, complete with doorstep delivery, at $35SGD.

Here’s what I got this month:



First thing you get in the box is this Wanderlust bookmark from Crafted Van. If you’re not familiar with Crafted Van, they have an assorted range of magnetic bookmarks available for purchase online! There’s also a handmade luggage tag (can’t remember from where, sorry!) as well as a personalised postcard with a message from the owners of Carpe Librum.



The book I received is Land of the Midnight Sun: My Arctic Adventures by Alexander Armstrong. I don’t know much about it — there’s only 2 reviews about it on Goodreads at the time that I’m writing this post. It is a non-fiction book that entails his journey as he heads to the Arctic.


Also in the box are these 2 charms. Not very sure what they’re for, if they’re meant for charm bracelets, or to be worn with the string attached? There’s not much information about this charm so I can’t tell you much. They’re very cute, but I don’t see myself utilising these charms in the near future. I can’t attach them to my Pandora bracelet either, so I’ll probably end up passing it over to someone else.


Lastly is this 4 set travel drawstrings. They’re made of this plastic/pvc material so it keeps your stuff waterproof. Probably will pass this on to someone else since I already have my own set of travel drawstrings. Slightly disappointed that they didn’t check the item, because the biggest drawstring came with stains that I couldn’t remove, so I can only give away the other 3.

So… I don’t know. I don’t feel like I can get much use out of this box, so the price tag does lean a little heavy in that aspect. Of course with book subscription boxes there are bound to be boxes that you don’t like or you can use the items, so I knew going in that it would be 50/50 that I’ll get something I like. I do notice that there is a lack of book-related items, compared to the other boxes available out there which tries to get as many book-related items as possible that can match the theme.

After two boxes, I can’t say much about this service. I don’t think I will be repurchasing another box from them for a while and maybe source out other boxes. But we’ll definitely have to see how this service does grow and maybe they will curate more book-related items for future boxes. It’s something to consider that I hope they can look into.


Carpe Librum Box Unboxing: Jul/Aug Box


Disclaimer: Not sponsored. Paid for in full with my own money. 

My very first Carpe Librum box arrived today! (Squeezing in a quick unboxing post before I head out for the day).

I recently heard about Carpe Librum on instagram and when I found out the theme for July/Aug is Made In Singapore, I jumped right in. I’ve always been a fan of local books, and have always tried to advocate more people to read local. This July/Aug box is the best of both worlds! Carpe Librum is a book subscription service from Singapore. I’ve always wanted to get a book subscription box but most book boxes originate from the US, and they either don’t do international shipping, or its too expensive for me to subscribe to. In comes Carpe Librum, complete with door step delivery at only $35. Win!


Inside the box.

I immediately noticed the NOTbook from Epigram Books, and am greatly pleased that the book selected for this box is also published by Epigram Books! Love at first sight. Did you notice that the box is filled with red and white strips? Love the little details that keeps with the theme.


In full view.


Let’s Give it Up for Gimme Lao! by Sebastian Sim

Finalist for the 2015 Epigram Books Fiction Prize

“I don’t aspire to be nice. I do what is necessary to get what I want.”

Born on the night of the nation’s independence, Gimme Lao is cheated of the honour of being Singapore’s firstborn son by a vindictive nurse. This forms the first of three things Gimme never knows about himself, the second being the circumstances surrounding his parents’ marriage, and the third being the profound (but often unintentional) impact he has on other people’s lives.

Talented, determined and focused, young Gimme is confident he can sail the seven seas, but he does not anticipate his vessel would have to carry his mother’s ambition, his wife’s guilt and his son’s secret. Tracing social, economic and political issues over the past 50 years, this humorous novel uses Gimme as a hapless centre to expose all of Singapore’s ambitions, dirty linen and secret moments of tender humanity.

Of course, the main beauty of a book box is the book itself. The selected book for the month is Let’s Give it Up for Gimme Lao! by Sebastian Sim. Have seen this floating around, and was even recommended to me on goodreads but have yet to pick it up and try. Several good reviews on goodreads — sounds pretty interesting from the back blurb. It’s a big hunk of a book, which scares me a little bit (on a bit of a reading slump 😦 ), but I’m hoping it’ll be easy to fly through.


‘I am not Kiasu, I am Singaporean’ NOTbook from Epigram Books & What the Singlish Stickers from Zinkie Aw.

Definitely a big fan of the NOTbooks from Epigram Books, so I’m delighted to have received one in the box. My fiancé always tells me I’m a bit kiasu (which is Singlish — Singaporean English, for being afraid to lose out — google it!) and kanchiong spider (Singlish for someone who is always anxious and on their toes) so I must always do things quickly otherwise I will feel like I will lose out to everyone else. Which is true. I am both of those things. This NOTbook is so apt for someone like me. In fact, the whole line of NOTbooks is very me.

Also these lovely stickers, filled with the Singlish slangs that are often heard in Singapore. Have never heard of these stickers before, but you’ll never know when you keen to Singapore-ify your things. (Making words up now, I see.)


IKAT handwoven bookmark from Gypsied and “Complain King” set of pencils from Souvenirs from Singapore.

I follow Gypsied on Instagram and am a fan of their goodies, though I’ve never purchased anything from them (my version of window shopping). Always happy to have a new bookmark in the family. Have been using more fabric bookmarks as of late, after I rediscovered the fabric bookmark I got when I was 7 from my cousin a while back. Am always on the hunt for more.

And I’m in love with these set of pencils from Souvenirs from Singapore. The text on these pencils are so ridiculously funny, so very Singaporean, and so very me. I’m going to sharpen them and place them in my pencil box at work. What is better than teaching a bunch of kids? Using a pencil with hilarious text on it!


Lastly, the box comes with an Epigram Books catalogue, which is always appreciated as well as coupons for BooksActually and Epigram Books.

Definitely impressed with the items in my Carpe Librum box and will definitely consider getting the next one that they put out. Their boxes come in limited quantities, so you can follow them on instagram (@carpelibrum.sg) to check out when their next subscription box will be out and get your hands on one if you’re interested.

Many thanks to the people behind Carpe Librum for a wonderful first experience!